Sonic Weapon Mind Reading

I’m not sure about implants. I believe they are using a high pitched frequency to track people by the ears.the tone carries the speech. They Use Wifi To Do it. They’ll repeat everything that runs through you head. They’ll say it through your TV, smartphone,car radio Or anything with a running motor really anything that will put off sound will carry they tune. They read your mind and put it on display for others to hear. They pass it along using cell tower from their own houses or mesh radio network or eavesdropping through wireless vibrometry. This Is how they listen through wall and over long distance. You might even have tinnitus that carries their messages in the form of whispers. If you can’t hear plug up you ears. The tone that carries tinnitus rings through everything from motors to your ears. This sound even creates a message in your downloaded music if you play it in reverse. You can even record silence and see that the equalizer on the app still moves you just have to amplify the sound with another app. Some may have noticed mysterious wifi networks of cell towers following them around.this can be found with apps like Wigle Wardriving.This app will show the mmc mnc lac and cell Id leading to the location of a cell tower that just happen to come from a regular neighbors house. If you’re wondering how they talk through everything watch the video The Sound Of A Targeted Attack On Youtube.

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