South Australia bank cards

Does anyone happen to know of any bank cards that can be converted into a implant in south Australia

This may have some info for you

I tried calling up the other day and they don’t do the paywear chips anymore

Hey mate, I have been looking into payment options in AUS for a little bit now.

so far I can only find 2 options.

  1. Westpac paywear, but unfortunately they are not giving them out anymore and already existing ones will no longer work as of March…

  2. Heritage Bank HOVA (HOVA wearable payment band | Heritage Bank), iv had one branch tell me that you can no longer get them but I know someone that works in their head office, I’m gonna double-check with them sometime this week. so ill let you know if this is still an option.

As far as it goes that’s all I can find for now… I’m still looking tho

Thank you
I’m really wanting to get a bank chip so I don’t have to carry my phone with me sometimes or when my phone dies
And plus I’m gonna start setting my home up with chip readers for my locks and to turn my computer on or change the scene