Southern California - Anyone know a good Flex installer?

I’m ready to get a FlexNT chip, but I first need to find someone in my area who can do the install. Does anyone live in southern CA who knows a good place that can do this? A lot of the body mod places around here seem “sketchy,” and I’m really looking for a professional to do this work.

Thanks in advance!

Their are some good trustworthy places however I know what you mean. I’m also in SoCal and quite a few are run by gangs and used for money laundering a stuff. Not judging or whatever but me personally I just don’t wanna associate let alone contribute to that.

I have Kaiser medical insurance so I’m going to try and talk to my primary care physician and see if I can convince her to do it for cash payment. I don’t even know if they are allowed to do that so. I’ll bet she recommends a surgeon do it for an enormous amount of money because of their policies but I’ll see what happens.

I was also thinking a veterinarian might do it. That would be hilarious, getting an implant next to all these other dogs getting the same in line behind me.

You probably won’t have any luck with anyone that has a medical degree. Since it isn’t an FDA-approved procedure/device they could risk losing their license by implanting it.

Veldrin, you might want to research some of the recommended artists that aren’t in your area as a lot of them travel all over. The artist I went to, Ian Bell out of Minnesota, is always traveling and working at different shops all over the world. Maybe you can find one that is going to be near you?

Actually, a licensed medical doctor can legally do a ton of things that are not “FDA approved”, including perscribe medications for off-label use (for treating something it is not designed or approved to treat), and perform elective surgical procedures or implant devices that are not FDA approved. This is all legal and actually done quite often. However, if there is a problem later on and a medical review board determines that the doctor acted negligently and put the patient in danger, that can be cause for loss of license… but simply implanting a non-medical, non-FDA approved device does not mean they are risking their license. Just practicing medicine is a risk… that’s why they call it “practicing”… no joke.

The other big issue with non-FDA approved uses for medications or implanting non-FDA approved devices, is that many medical liability insurance companies will not cover the doctor in these instances… it’s the same if you make renovations to your house without a proper permit and inspection, or do electrical work that is not permitted and inspected… if there is an issue later, your homeowners insurance will not cover you in that case… so with doctors they are perfectly within their legal and ethical/moral right to implant our products, they are simply taking a risk that something could come back to bite them later if you wanted to be an asshole about it… so, just remember that when talking to any professional (piercer, doctor, or vet), they are risking their livelihood on your one-off request… show the proper respect and maybe they will take that risk on you.

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My mistake - thank you for the correction.

No prob, it’s a classic assumption which makes sense intuitively. It’s nearly the same spiel I give about Lidocaine when people say it’s a controlled substance.

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After all this good discourse I forgot to ask her when I went to see her for another reason. Doh!

I found one place nearby that has some very good reviews and looks to be capable of handling the job. I’m going to try to get over there tomorrow if possible, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


If all goes well, please let them know we’re interested in talking about putting them on the partner map :slight_smile:

Any decent piercers in Hawaii? Not too impressed with what Ive found so far.

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Hi Amal,

Just got my FlexNT installed today; had an excellent experience with the place I found! They were very professional, clean, and did a great job. They’ve installed xNT units before, but this was their first FlexNT. They were very interested in being put on the partner map, so I’ve included their details below if you want to get in touch with them:

Ancient Adornments

8424 Santa Monica Blvd. Unit G
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The guy who did my install (and the owner) is Roger. He was very polite, and professional. I highly recommend them for anyone in the area. I have minimal bruising and essentially no swelling. After seeing so many photos of people performing their own installs (many of which looked very painful and bloody), I was worried going into this…but was pleasantly surprised when my experience was painlessly performed in just a few minutes.


Great! I’ve met Roger a few times… great guy. They are on the map now!

Amal :wink:

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