Spare key fobs for xac v2

Hey all,

I just recieved a package of key fobs that I believed would/should work with my xac v2 . They don’t get sensed at all. What do I need to do to them to make them work? Or do I need to order different ones?
Here is what I bought


do you have a proxmark?

Can you do an
lf search

I dont own one unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Have you tried to add the new fobs, as demonstrated by Amal in the video?

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The xAC can only read t5577 if they are in EM mode.
They might not be.
Do you have a blue cloner? I think if it beeps 2 times while reading it’s EM, right?

I have tried adding it like shown. Ive added my Next implant but these don’t do anything at all

I think I might need to buy myself a blue closer or borrow one atleast . What do I do with it to set it? Could I clone my next to it?

Yeah cloning your next should work, but if you buy anything, just go for the proxmark. Then theres also no need for cloning, you can just set new IDs and enroll them.

Kind of a wasteful suggestion, but you could probably buy another set of fobs that are specifically em programmed cheaper than a blue cloner

Definitely cheaper than a prox3 easy

i think (and i very well may be wrong) its due to the fact they’re not in emulation mode, they need to be programmed for the tag type before the xac will pick up on them

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Right, but you can spend 30$ to program them

Or 10$ to buy another set pre programmed as em tags

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Thanks guys! So what would I be looking for if I want to get some that are pre programmed??

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Buy EM4100 tags instead of T5577 and they should be good to go out of the box

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Well, you could also send them to somebody with a proxmark that would be willing to change them for you :man_shrugging:

For cheaper and faster postage, Where are you located?
Somebody here that lives nearby may be able to help you out…

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Yep your right bud most t5577 tags come “fresh” not programed and just waiting for credit.

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With the bonus of having a proxmark for implant stuff…

depending on where you are i can just mail you some preprogrammed ones :slight_smile:


Thabks alot for the help, info and offers guys this community is great! :grin:
I am located on the sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia.
I think I might just get some of the em4100 tags and save for a proxmark . Thanks a bunch !


Oh nice, another aussie. I’m in Brisbane with a PM3, I’ll DM you.

Just a quick suggestion… we may have slipped some Mifare fobs in by mistake… can you scan with an NFC phone and TagInfo?