Spare NExT - How to make bracelet

Hi all

I have a spare one and the wanted to make a bracelet to my kid… Any ideas?
Small aluminum capsule to put it in? With leather bracelet to last long time…?

It won’t read through aluminum. Embed it in plastic?

Could gut some paracord and slip it , apply a litter heat to Shrink fit

A resin pendant onto a necklace. or charm bracelet

Put the NExT into you… nothing wrong with having more than one
and grab your kid a cheap silicone dual frequency bracelet off your favourite shopping site. Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress…

Prefer not giving him something cheap…
Aluminum will not be good?
Any other ideas?

You could look at embedding this into something to get him used to using it.
Maybe a survival bracelet…

Can I ask the age of your boy or How many years until an implant would be suitable?

Hi is 15…
What kind of bracelet?

Survival Bracelet
something like these
or in favourite sports team colours
Or you can learn to make your own together, and incorporate the ring into it

It’s I nice idea :slight_smile:
Need something more comfortable to ware, slimmer

And a way to put the implant in a safe way

Well, If you really want to use your NExT, you could do something like this:-
Grab a silicone wrist band, make a small incision in the side to remove the chip inside ( I have done this myself ) and insert the NExT, seal with “SuperGlue” :elephant:
and should do a good job of protecting it
I am not sure how the performance would be affected…




In a couple of years, you could probably remove it, clean it and install it into your boy.