Spark 2 and iPhone

Fixed it. Now no one will ever know :female_detective:

Yeah, I think the iPhone 8 was the first one with full NFC support. Maybe it still had some quirks. It also depends on what implants you’re trying to scan. The iPhone 8 will not support the Spark 1, for example.

sneaking NFC hardware was put into the iPhone 7 and all since then. iOS isn’t known for user control of their device, just sayin. But I’m using an app designed for working with NFC chips so idk. So far I’ve tried all my implants and all I get is my xLED glow.

rolling for stealth
@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 2

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Unfortunate I probably have a negative modifier as I’m 6’3”. I guess I’m probably at -1

:sob:I’ve tried rubbing my hand and phone together at so many angles and yet still not working. Maybe my phone is “special”


Are you using an app or just scanning on the lock screen/home screen? While iPhone 8 can read NFC tags, ‘background tag reading’ (reading without an app trying to scan) is only enabled on iPhone XS and later.

I reliably get reads with multiple implants on my 11 Pro, my girlfriends 11 and my brothers 11.

Sorry I missed this. I was using nfc tools