Spark 2 and iPhone

Just got my NeXT in yesterday (yay!) quick and painless. I’m already now thinking about my next one and I think it’ll be the spark 2. I saw a post about the spark 1 working with iOS in upcoming 14 but has the 2 always been working? What can I do with it on iOS?


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The spark 2 has been able to work with iOS 13 however we’re not finished with the iOS app anyway… it’ll be available soon though… and hopefully with spark 1 support included.

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Thanks Amal, so basically no reason to hold off on the spark 2 if I have an iPhone then?

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Anyone tried the Dev build for iOS14 to see if Spark 1 works well?

Yes we worked with Apple to get the required ISO 15693 commands Authenticate (0x35) and Challenge (0x39) included in iOS 14, and we’ve been able to successfully issue those commands to a spark 1 chip with the iOS 14 beta release.


@amal You can add me to the list of beta-testers for the ios app

There app is not available for iphone yet, but you can definitely read and launch the profile page of your spark2. I used a samsung phone to set everything up and my iphone to play with it every day. Can’t wait for the app though.

Spark 2 Installed!


Was there lots of blood? That seems like a lot of bandaging to me for a single install :thinking:

I had work right after the install so I added some tape to hold everything down, quick and easy install

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Is there anyone who can send me an invite to the vivokey forum please!

You have to use your Vivokey product to login, but I will send you the link to the login page

There is 2 Vivokey forums ( Sorta ), one was for the Beta testing group ( No longer active )
So if you were trying to get into this one, you wouldn’t be able to login

so now only this Forum

It should be straightforward, but let me know if you get stuck

Have you installed the App?
Are you on Android or iPhone?

iPhone, so I wasn’t sure if I was able to get into
It or not right now. Thanks for the info about the 2 forums I must have been on the wrong one.

No problem, also, sorry, I saw you had iPhone, I meant to ask if you had access to any other Android devices, Tablet, drug dealing :pill: burner phone :iphone: or just to borrow.

Have you seen this thread? iPhone App should be available in Autumn :fallen_leaf: ( Northern Hemisphere) :earth_americas:

Until then, if you can borrow an android, you can do all you setups, profiles and logins, then delete the app on the borrowed android ( Although they cant login to the app without your Spark )

And this is how to link / login to your DT forum and Vivokey forum with your Vivokey ( Spark 2 in your case )

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Excellent thank you sir, up and running!



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Modern iPhones have the hardware for NFC but my experience so far has been that they are kinda iffy. So far I haven’t been able to use my iPhone to interact with my implants.

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Hey mstar! Glad you’re done with your lurking.

Which iPhone model do you have?

Oh no! I’ve been exposed! Camouflage activate! Also, iPhone 8. My xLED will light up when I try to mess with my implants confirming it had the hardware for it.