Spark and NExT testing

i just purchased the spark and NExT. they have arrived and i’m attempting to test the range and compatibility. i have left them in the syringes and i’m trying to get them to scan on the KBR1 reader but nothing is happening.

is it possible to test these chips before implanting them while they’re still in the syringe?

i’m using the KBR1 reader and have confirmed it’s working by placing the field detector chip on it which lights up as well as using my OnePlus3T which reads from quite a distance away.

i’ve placed the syringes containing the chips on the reader in every conceivable way without success.

Sorry, I believe the only way somebody has managed to communicate to a tag INSIDE the syringe, is Tom Harkness with his new Low Frequency antenna (public release soon).
The problem is, the syringe effectively works similar to a Farady cage blocking Radio frequency.

Yeah it’s not possible by most standards. But they are tested to verify function properly to bring placed into the injectors


I’ve read an EM tag in the syringe with a ID-12 reader. It’s not impossible but not easy.
The KBR1 is a HF reader. You won’t have any luck reading the xNT side through the syringe with that reader. I’ve only heard of the LF tags being able to be read through the needle as LF and HF tags work on different power transfer principals.

But as others have said, they are all fully tested prior to being put in the needle, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Same principles, but the frequency being much much higher means the skin effect of AC current is much stronger, and this effectively makes HF communication through the needle mathematically impractical.