Spark app not connecting

as title says, spark app isn’t connecting. i’ve tried 3 different wifi networks, my own 5G connection and a vpn and nothings working. other people have reported the same from the limited responses i’ve got. does anyone have any word when the platform will come back up?

E2A: spark actions reads it but the vk app doesn’t, actions work fine as they’re disconnected from the vivokey identity bit

indeed… i’m looking into it… likely the legacy server, which has been going basically on fumes, may have choked.

What are you currently using the legacy VivoKey identity service for at the moment?

atm i want to use it to change the link redirect on my spark

The legacy app no longer does that :slight_smile: It’s purely Spark Actions. That functionality was moved away from the legacy platform at the time Spark Actions was launched.

Hey @amal, I use my Vivokey spark quite heavily for google sign-ins. WIll the spark OIDC endpoint be going away? Will I still be able to use my Vivokey Spark implant in the future?

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It will be but it will be replaced by VivoKey Cloud with SAML endpoint and support for Google


I have the same problem with this app
The major problem is the Spark Actions app that apparently do not work in my country… how should i even activate and set up my spark 2 chip? There are no disclaimers or any information that the major app for doing stuff with the spark 2 doesn’t work in certain countries….

Spark Actions should have no geographical restrictions. Can you post screenshots of Google Play?