Spark applet on Apex

Premise: I tried to search the forum, but did not manage to figure this out myself. If I missed widely known/available stuff cinsider me dumb and excuse my post :slight_smile:

I just noticed this Spark for Apex applet on the Fidemo store, so I immediatly installed it, ready to try some new tricks. But, after noticing the Spark Actions Android app does not recognize my implant, I quickly found myself scratching my head.
Anybody can point me to a “how to use your brand new Spark applet” document?

Thx :slight_smile:

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Hey sure… sorry it’s not well explained at this point.

Spark Actions is for Spark and Spark 2 chips specifically. This is because Spark chip memory cannot be updated. Spark Actions basically configures our servers with what to do when someone scans a Spark or Spark 2.

Apex does not require this because you can deploy the NFC Sharing applet and update it with whatever you want. If you are interested in the “digital card” functionality that Spark Actions has, you can use Apex Manager to achieve the same thing for Apex.

The Spark applet for Apex is meant to act as a mutual auth token for the VivoKey API ( and of course, that means you can use Apex with any service we will deploy in the future which relies on the VivoKey API (the upcoming VivoKey Cloud service for example).

I hope that makes sense. I will look to update the VivoKey site to better explain things.


It makes sense: I probably need to dive a bit deeper in to the API and see how I can use it


With a Spark 2 do we still use the VivoKey app to login to websites (like this one?)

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The VivoKey app is legacy and the servers are shut down. The Spark 2 will work for SSO / SAML sign-in via the upcoming VivoKey Cloud service.