Spark2 VS. NExT

Is there anything that the Spark2 can do that the NExT can’t do? Also, is the NExT the same as having a separate xNT and xEM implant?

The Spark 2 has AES cryptographic functions which are used by the VivoKey forum to validate the authenticity of the Spark 2 chip implant when used with the VivoKey platform ( The NExT has no such cryptographic functions and is not secure to use with anything outside your “personal scope” i.e. your personal door lock, your personal computer login, etc.

Basically yes… the same chips inside a single implantable device. Space saving economy!


Comparing a Spark and a NeXT is like comparing apples to oranges. They might both be fruits but they taste and act completely different. Having both is the best route. You cover MOST case uses, crypto login functions and access to HF and LF compatibility.

That being said as a computer professional and cyber junkie having both chips ALLOWS me to hack my way across the planet with no shortage in projects with my chips.

Read through some of the fun things you can do on our forum with our implants. Securing crypto storage with BIP-38, saving our plane or train boarding passes for easy retrieval. Getting into work or my house when I forget my physical “keys”.

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