Spark 2 implant microchip

Can you guys tell me about spark 2 what did

That doesn’t quite make sense. If you can explain what you want to know, I’m sure someone can, and will, be along to help you.

If you just need general information on the spark 2, try the product page.

I’m guessing that english isn’t your first language. There are several people here who can provide a more fluid translation if you need that. Or you could use the translation button under each post, if necessary.

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Folks here are super nice and willing to give you a helping hand, but we do ask that you at least do a bit of reading and research before posting very broad questions like this. Here are some posts you can start with;

Product Page

Vivokey Spark 2 Released

NExT or Spark 2?

Spark2 VS. NExT

Spark2 with iPhone

We’re very happy to help you with more specific questions if you have them!