Spark2 with iPhone

Can I use an Android to program the Spark2, but then only bring an iPhone around with me. Would I lose an functionality by not having an Android with me?

Well sort of… the Spark 2 has a set URL programmed into it that cannot be changed. What that URL does when scanned depends on how you configure the Spark 2 to behave via the VivoKey platform. So basically if you set up your Spark 2’s “scan behavior” to redirect someone to a YouTube video, when someone scans your Spark 2 they get sent to that YouTube video. If you configure your Spark 2 to show your VivoKey profile data, then they see your VivoKey profile data when they scan your Spark 2.

Since there is no VivoKey app for iOS yet, you won’t be able to use your VivoKey Spark 2 to, for example, access the VivoKey member’s only forum.

@amal do you have any plans to make an vivokey-app For ios

@jens I think Apple is being the hold up for an ios vivokey app. They opened up a lot on the rfid front recently but there was still a certain protocol or something along that line that they didn’t give access to and it happens to be one we’d need to work with the spark for the crypto part.

basically yes… support for ISO15693 is not complete and even though we have moved on to Spark 2 we have a commitment to existing customers to push Apple to open up ISO15693 support even further. They have our demo cards now and we’re hoping to hear something later this year.

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So does that mean that everyone with the Spark2 will be able to use it with their iPhone if Apple allows it. Or will they need a new implant?

Technically, I believe the Spark 2 can already work with iOS… but we’re taking app development seriously and want to ensure everyone is included… and I think we’re close. If there was no hope of changing Apple’s mind, we may abandon the idea of inclusion and just forge ahead with app development, but for now we’re taking a slow and steady approach with them.

Would you consider adding it to an app repo on cydia? or you thing their might bring the ire of the fruit people.

If they do decline it and progress stalls, might you reconsider for those that like to tinker so they have the jailbroken iphones already?

I haven’t had an iphone since the 3gs so I don’t know if the cydia app is still the main app repo for jailbroken iphones

Probably not, for the same reason we aren’t really looking into apps for rooted Android phones… this is already a very niche market, and we have limited resources… whatever we do, we must ensure those efforts go toward the largest segment of customers possible. Just not many jailbroken iPhones out there, or rooted Android phones for that matter.

Slow and steady wins this race, so we do plan on having an iOS app… just not tomorrow.

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Apple is a butt with that stuff, for good reason though. Just ask my husband, I have to hear it every time he tries to push an update for


Hi everyone. iOS app is on the way.
Apple is still working on the needed framework changes for Spark1 but the app will be working on Spark2 for now.
It should have about the same functionality as the Android counterpart.


That is awesome news, honestly I’ve been back and forth about trying to switch to Android but whether I do or not It’s nice to know the app is on the way for iOS.


Switch to android anyway :sweat_smile:


Woo! Hey Julio, thanks for the update. I was wondering if we would see you on here. There are tons of iPhone users who will appreciate your efforts. They deserve secure authentication too.


I look forward to it!
Yesterday at my hackerspace I implanted the Spark 2 in position R1 :slight_smile:
Send me a DM if you need a beta tester for the app, I have an iPhone 7 Plus and access to an iPhone X.

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is that number

24 ?

Yes, that’s implant number 24 indeed :slight_smile:



24 is Impressive, I’m not sure if you saw my other post, but something you might want / need to consider shortly


I do have access to 3D printers at our hackerspace… but sometimes I wear gloves and I don’t think such custom gloves exist yet


Well great news, Apple finally listened to our prayers and I’m so happy to announce that the app will also be supporting Spark 1 now, get ready for this fall!!
Finally VivoKey in iOS.