Vivokey Spark 2 Released

Vivokey Spark 2 Released


What kinda upgrades are we looking at for the Spark 2?
Features, manufacturing, coil design?

One of the first things I notice is that it’s ISO 14443A not ISO 15693 like the original Spark. If you remember, lots of people were having trouble getting reads with the original because the Android NFC API didn’t play nice with “vicinity cards”


we released the Spark 2 this week. It’s a drop in replacement for the Spark 1. The difference is that it’s ISO14443A instead of ISO15693. This we’ll help with a super annoying bug introduced by Google into Android that causes shit scanning on some phones of any and all ISO15693 tags… even huge credit card sized tags have spotty scanning issues. The Spark 2 also has another feature that will allow for a “scan once” option, allowing you to share something via scan but that it only works once… no reloading or forwarding. Finally the Spark 2 also includes a mechanism that will allow us to eventually let user content overwrite the VivoKey unique URL on the chip.

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