VivoKey Spark 1/2

What’s the difference between the two?
It is worth the upgrade?

It sounds, like you have a Vivokey Spark!?
If so

if not

You should be able to find your answers within either of those threads.

Whether it is worth it?!? It is kind of a matter of preference, and your use for it/them… OTY

Basically the Spark is ISO15693 and NFC Type 5, which has a lower RF energy requirement and I thought would be a good idea for an implant… but iOS 13 on iPhone is still not fully open so we can’t leverage the crypto-commands for it on iPhones yet, and Android introduced a bug that makes reading ISO15693 tags a bit tricky and prone to failure… so for both those reasons we changed chip types to an ISO14443A chip in the Spark 2.

There are a couple other little differences but that’s the main thing.

Will the Flex use ISO15693 chip or ISO14443A?

The Flex is a completely different box of frogs. It uses ISO 14443 to communicate via NFC, though.

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So, I still have a spark 1 new in box ready to implant.
Is it worth doing or should I now opt for the spark 2 for future comparability etc?

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Both, they both have similar capabilities. But honestly if I had a Spark one laying around I would put that in, and then wait for the Apex line. Plus once you get your Spark you can login to the Spark forum and dwell in a realm of knowledge hehehe

Quick edit, I didn’t devil into the differences the original Spark supports some locks and what not that the Spark 2 doesn’t based on it’s ISO. But both have the ability to authenticate with the VivoKey login :slight_smile:


Depends on what phone to have. Some have difficulty reading ISO15693 tags like the Spark 1

I have the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G still stuck on Android 9 but the NFC performance is pretty fantastic for ISO14443 tags, I remember there were some issues with Android and ISO15693 and that’s why the spark 2 came to be.
Unfortunately I don’t have any ISO15693 tags laying about to test with it.

You could buy some.

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Good point, will do that :+1:

Edit: Cards scanned fine every time

I would do this regardless of the issues Android has recently introduced… simply because I don’t have any other ISO15693 chips I’d want to implant and it’s nice to have this capability… and even tough some Android phones have problems reading ISO15693 chips now, it’s not fatal… retrying on these phones will get a good read eventually.