VivoKey Spark 1/2

What’s the difference between the two?
It is worth the upgrade?

It sounds, like you have a Vivokey Spark!?
If so

if not

You should be able to find your answers within either of those threads.

Whether it is worth it?!? It is kind of a matter of preference, and your use for it/them… OTY

Basically the Spark is ISO15693 and NFC Type 5, which has a lower RF energy requirement and I thought would be a good idea for an implant… but iOS 13 on iPhone is still not fully open so we can’t leverage the crypto-commands for it on iPhones yet, and Android introduced a bug that makes reading ISO15693 tags a bit tricky and prone to failure… so for both those reasons we changed chip types to an ISO14443A chip in the Spark 2.

There are a couple other little differences but that’s the main thing.

Will the Flex use ISO15693 chip or ISO14443A?

The Flex is a completely different box of frogs. It uses ISO 14443 to communicate via NFC, though.

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