Sport and work with inplant

Hi. I have my inplant now for 2 days can i still go to the gym and when can i go to the gym again if i cant rn ? How long is the recovery time for the wound -when i dont need to use disinfect spray and a (bandage ) anymore and when the inplant is fully attached to the body ??

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Everybody heals differently, just treat it like any other puncture wound, if it was an xSeries implant, healing is generally faster, whereas a Flex will likely take longer.

Bandages for a short period just keep good hand hygine

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Healing is barely worse than a flu shot. 12h is enough for me. Maybe wait a couple days to be sure, or a week if you’re very worried.

Be aware however that as long as the chip hasn’t settled and found its place in your hand, it might shift to another location. Heavy exertion, repeated muscle movements and shocks will make that a lot more likely.

Try to not use that hand too much for a while - possible quite a while.

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I implanted the xNT since my post above, I would say it took a week or so to be decently healed, at least in order for me to throw a punch without feeling pain.
Never had an issue since then, it’s been 1.5 years.

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For a contrasting experience: I cycle, so I don’t really use my hands for anything sporty.

I had a xEM installed in my left hand and I babied it for a few weeks so it would stay where I installed it. No working in the workshop, no cycling over rough stuff, no nothing. Then one day I went back home from work, and when I arrived, the chip had shifted almost half an inch backward, just by working the twist shifter on my bike.

I didn’t fight it. Too much care needed to keep a chip that don’t want to stay put from moving - and in my case, never much result. It’s been all the way back in my hand since then and it’s just fine there.

It’s just to illustrate that if someone absolutely wants their chip at a specific location and the chip has other ideas, depending on their particular biology, they might have to wait for a mighty long time for the chip to get encapsulated enough to get locked in place.

Even when mine does settle, my adhd brain wants to play with it and usually frees the sucker from it’s encapsulation

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