Sports2Pay wearable

Hi Guys,

for the Payment Device Conversion Service I bought a Sports2Pay wearable which i thought would include a card with the chip that I just could pull out of but I guess it is the wrong sort of wearable. The keypay MINI is not sold anymore on the LAKS pay website.

In the wearable itself I could easily pull out the black plastic card. It is probably in there but could this be used as the conversion chip? I don’t want to break it open myself because I don’t want to damage it. Should I send this over or it is not worth the shipment cost and risk and should I look again for something with the pull out card on the laks website? Thanks!


I have a booklet with all their products and what comes with a flexible payment chip or is integrated into the wearble. Not lucky as the one I bought is one of the few with that sort of chip.

Get a keyfob. Easiest to convert