Spotted: UK; fellow implantee etiquette

Make sure to pronounce the “m” correctly, not as a “n’”! :sweat_smile:


I would go to him / her
“Hey what kind of chip do you habe?”

I had some nice talks to person.

“I saw you on TV”
“Do you really have a chip implanted” (he saw my RFID tattoo)

The other side is I scared people on the train.
They chsnged sests, when i unlocked my computer or my phone (doesn’t work anymore)


“Did Amal manage to get under your skin?”

“Would you get a chip implanted to replace your keys?”


Where you at @jamesuk?

I’m up in Scotland, Edinburgh area.

Would be cool to get UK chapter meet going.


I go with “What is the colour of night” - “Sanguine, my brother”. Always. No matter the circumstances.



Love it, because it sounds cool as fuck, but you may just find an Elder Scrolls fan rather than an implantee…


Agree, that’s why it stuck with me for such a long time :wink:

I’m okay with that! :smile:
Preferably TES3, I really, really loved it (though the quote is from TES4, if I remember it correctly…)

edit: Oh, I could aswell go with “what can change the nature of a man”, but… well… there is no certain answer to that :wink:



I did some cloud/sysadmin stuff up in Derby for about a year, commuted from Northampton though so I never really got a feel for the place….though I did go to The Hairy Dog to see Gassed Up one time, pretty sweet lil’ venue.

RE: The actual subject of this thread, if you somehow notice my implants in public I would expect you to present me with a burrito and say my secret codephrase:
So, I heard you like Chipotle


I too like the challenge /response.

Should we brand ourselves with the DT logo? Maybe tattoo?

I want to meet magnet people and consensually touch our magnets together to check out what it’s like to touch other peoples magnets.

I’m in a long term monogamous marriage and I’m sure it would be wild af to see the attractiveness of body jewelry- my wife is not the kinda girl.

Well this took a turn.


For implants? Or for touching your magnets with her magnets?

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Haha, when my bodmod artist and I meet, we always do that! :smile:
It feels funny, because both magnets are placed in the same way, so they repel each other, or rather, each magnets feels a bit like it wants to flip.

I feel ya - I’m quite heavily modded by now, and my husband got two rings in his earlobe and a tongue piercing. Not a problem at all, to each his own, but I must admit that mods on other people are usually a big turn-on for me :woman_shrugging:

I’m kind of in the opposite boat,
I kind of want some ear piercings (maybe like a triple helix, or some small gauges
the wife is kind of my limiting factor,

Not a “your not allowed”, because that’s bullshit… do whatever you want to your body

More of a…. If I do ____ it’s probably a turn off for her… and that outweighs my interest

I have a vivokey tattoo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

BME used to do a thing where anyone who has the BME logo tattooed or scarified on them got free BME for life.

What do you think @amal? If we get a DT or Vivokey tattoo can we have each new product released sent for free? Think of the advertising!

I think he’ll agree!?!

Hah I think I said did say something about tattoos in another post…



There are no friends at dusk

I take it you just watched the movie? :slightly_smiling_face:

Second the meetup idea, i’m in Glasgow.