Square1 SQ1 Flex Payment Band

Found another wearable payment company… this time seems like Purewrist.

Square1 has a partnership with Visa.

The SQ1 Flex can be found here.

Seems like they give you an actual FDIC bank account, that can hold up to $5,000, and you can even withdraw money from an ATM with it.

Doesn’t mention any type of expiration on the band itself, but does say

“The SQ1 Flex Band uses state-of-the-art encryption in an embedded secure element (eSE), proprietary OS, certified payment applets, and EMVCO certification, ensuring safe transactions globally. You can suspend, re-activate, and manage your account with a combination of our mobile app biometric authentication and PIN management methods.”


Sounds like someone is using the NXP P71, neat.