Starting the College ID implant process

Hello everyone,

I have been looking to get an implant to replace my college ID, this ID has a mag stripe that is used but is redundant to an app provided by the college, so all I am looking for is the access system. I purchased a Proxmark 3 Easy in hopes of finding out exactly what implant I need or if this is impossible with current implants. But I have reached the end of my knowledge and ability to read this. Any help is appreciated


That was exactly the implant I was looking at, Does anyone have a guess on when it might be available?

Last I recall hearing was that it SHOULD be an 16kb Chip version but no timeline updates

September last year was this

This may come in handy for you ( also linked in the product page )

@yeka did you want to add FlexClass to


I appreciate the help man

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I’m waiting on more to come in stock too. This will allow me to clone our key fob for our ambulance. When we transport to the hospital I have to reach in my pocket with my medical gloves on and grab the fob. Having a flexClass should allow me to not have to reach in my pockets. Will save time, and be more sanitary.


Ah yeah I forgot we were waiting for those :smiley:


One other note: it might be helpfu to get a non-implantable version. Depending on what kind of card system your school uses, the implant might work on some readers and not others. For example, my school uses some CBORD readers that won’t read my flexClass.

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I’d recommend this one: iCLASS RFID Card


Just so i am clear on what you are suggesting, i should get this card and try it to see if it works and if it does then the implant should work?

Yes. It might be helpful if you share the full dump of the contents of the card. If blocks 5 and 6 are the primary blocks with data, you’re likely to have a better time with this project.

Also, any chance you can share anything about the readers? If your college and my college use a similar system of readers I’ll be more able to help out here.


Is this what you are looking for?

This is what the reader looks like for my dorm

Did you check if it was a dual system with a LF and a HF component, that’s what my card is it uses prox and a HF iClass component, but they only use the prox component

Whenever i use the auto command for the proxmark it comes up with HF only

Good news is it looks like you don’t have SE blocks. I don’t have a lot of experience with pivCLASS readers, though based on the name I’m assuming it’s a multiclass reader that reads iClass and ProxPass cards. Supposedly ProxPass can be cloned to the 125Khz side of the NeXT or an xEM.

More info here.

If all the passes are pivClass, I’d fathom a guess that they’ll all accept a flexClass. I’d still get a blank iClass card to check. Better safe than sorry.

Also, those systems are super out of date. You might want to check with your ID office to make sure that they’re not planning on changing/upgrading their systems in the near future. (Sidenote: this is sadly from experience. My flexClass has failed and I still need to get it removed. I also found out the school is moving to an ID system that’s on our phones. Which I have many ranty thoughts about, but that’s for another time, not even including the fact that my flexClass will be useless next year anyways. Sigh. Learn from my mistakes.)

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I went ahead and already ordered the blank IClass Card, I realize now I did not include that the card is an IClass DP. I am definitely going to go ahead and speak with the head security dude here and find out if they are planning on changing it. If it turns out that I could use a NeXT implant, besides wait time is there any other benefits over the FlexClass?

Thank you for all your help

I’m not clear on the difference between the DP and the DY (which is what I have).

In terms of NeXT, having the NTAG216 module will let you have a chip that will interact with phones/etc. It’s generally a good all-around chip to start with. flexClass will only work with non-SE iClass readers, but should really well.

Ah I understand

Alright, got the card in the mail today and tried to follow the link above to clone it, what am i doing wrong?

[usb] pm3 --> hf ic dump --ki 0
[+] Using AA1 (debit) key[0] AE A6 84 A6 DA B2 32 78 
[=] Card has at least 2 application areas. AA1 limit 18 (0x12) AA2 limit 31 (0x1F)

[=] -------------------------- Tag memory ---------------------------

[=]  block#  | data                    | ascii    |lck| info
[=] ---------+-------------------------+----------+---+--------------
[=]   0/0x00 | B1 1B 76 13 FE FF 12 E0 | ..v..... |   | CSN 
[=]   1/0x01 | 12 FF FF FF 7F 1F FF 3C | .......< |   | Config 
[=]   2/0x02 | FF FF FF FF 57 FF FF FF | ....W... |   | E-purse 
[=]   3/0x03 | 90 6C 6E 17 A5 64 09 B5 | .ln..d.. |   | Debit 
[=]   4/0x04 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | Credit 
[=]   5/0x05 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | AIA 
[=]   6/0x06 | 03 03 03 03 00 03 E0 17 | ........ |   | User 
[=]   7/0x07 | 7B 0B 28 E0 76 12 FD A6 | {.(.v... |   | User 
[=]   8/0x08 | 2A D4 C8 21 1F 99 68 71 | *..!..hq |   | User 
[=]   9/0x09 | 2A D4 C8 21 1F 99 68 71 | *..!..hq |   | User 
[=]  10/0x0A | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  11/0x0B | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  12/0x0C | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  13/0x0D | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  14/0x0E | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  15/0x0F | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  16/0x10 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  17/0x11 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=]  18/0x12 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF | ........ |   | User 
[=] ---------+-------------------------+----------+---+--------------

[+] saving dump file - 19 blocks read
[+] saved 152 bytes to binary file hf-iclass-B11B7613FEFF12E0-dump-4.bin
[+] saved 19 blocks to text file hf-iclass-B11B7613FEFF12E0-dump-4.eml
[+] saved to json file hf-iclass-B11B7613FEFF12E0-dump-4.json
[?] Try `hf iclass decrypt -f` to decrypt dump file
[?] Try `hf iclass view -f` to view dump file

[usb] pm3 --> hf ic wrbl --ki 0 -b 6 -d 030303030003E017
[+] Using key[0] AE A6 84 A6 DA B2 32 78 
[-] ⛔ Writing failed

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