Status of the FlexM1 "magic"

I inquired with Digiwell in Germany about the purchase of a FlexM1 “magic” implant and I received a reply stating that DT were no longer supplying this implant to Digiwell due to chip quality issues. The Flex M1 is still available for purchase here in the DT web-store but it would be both cheaper and quicker to have been able to purchase it via Digiwell (customs etc) for shipping to Sweden.

Would it be possible to get an update as the status of the implant, is it discontinued from further sales or have Digiwell (or I) misunderstood the status?


Uh I highly doubt flexM1s were discontinued without announcement, there must be a misunderstanding. Maybe talking about flexMN?
THAT one had a magic ntag which turned out to be shit, but M1’s are as good as ever AFAIK.

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I do not think the flexM1 was discontinued but the xM1 is not going to be restocked.

The flexM1 has had its fair share of issues. The problem is the interface between the wire wound core antenna and the chip. This is difficult to get good quality consistency, and past flexM1s have had plenty of failures and warranty replacements.

The odd capacitance of the chip makes is difficult to create a PCB antenna solution, and the COB (chip on board) approach used by the Chinese manufacturers of the magic chips makes adhering such a module to a PCB antenna difficult as well.

For now, I have some relative confidence that the current manufacturing process of the flexM1 is robust… but I’m looking again at attempting to get a PCB antenna made for it.

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