Status on magnet implants

Hi. I have been thinking of getting a magnet Implant. and I see that you restock in a couple month. Then I found your YouTube video where you say you’re no longer doing the maget’s due to coating failure in march so I wonder. What is the current status on them right now ?

There are two different types of magnets. Sensing and lifting. The ones you are referring to with the coating failures are the sensing magnets. The new magnets (xG3) are coated in bioglass (same as the NeXT) and are much safer.

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Correct… we basically posted that video about not having magnets anymore because it had been years trying to make magnets with different types of thin robust coatings but they were all ultimately failures. Once I posted that video, I reconsidered my goals… instead of making a perfect coating that was super thin and robust, I decided I would solve the following 3 problems instead;

  1. make a coating that will basically never fail - we used our same bioglass we use for x-series implants.

  2. make the magnet injectable - with no scalpel work necessary, that means body piercers can now perform magnet installations.

  3. make the magnet clinically sterile - the xG3 is the only magnet that is clinically sterile. Other magnets cannot be sterilized using clinical sterilization processes because the heat will destroy the field strength of the magnet, and possibly the method of sterilization will compromise the chemical composition of the coating.

Once I changed my goals to those above, it took just a few months to dial in the correct process changes necessary to create the xG3!


Do you think there will be any potential advancement in sensing capabilities? It’s wonderful to see lifting abilities though!

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We’re still tinkering on ideas, but nothing at this time.


:astonished: what kind of ideas!?

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oh… just… you know… ideas!