Stellaris, anyone?

Anybody play Stellaris?

I figure it might appeal to this crowd. I’ve had it for awhile, never completed a game, and I usually re-discover it every 4 months or so.

And the Empire of the Flaming Sword is,

  • Human
  • Fanatic Xenophobic
  • Militant
  • Imperalistic

I actually had to Google to see what it was…I’m old! Interesting though.

Dude, I’m 46.

Try it, it’s fun. Just complicated as you can imagine. Learning to play takes a bit.

Every time a new update comes out for Stellaris my heart skips a few beats because Paradox literally remakes the game every time and I have to relearn everything. I’ve been playing since back when you had to manage every tile on your worlds and you had to select your FTL method (wormholes forever). Sectors and galactic commerce and robots weren’t a thing.

My favorite empire I’ve made is:


  • Fanatic Pacifist
  • Light Xenophobic
  • Inward Perfection
  • Agrarian Ideal


And they just expand like nobody’s business and everyone hates them and even though they can’t declare war they know no peace. Their empire sprawl is out of this world.

I’ve still got 6 years on you. I’m the Space Invaders generation…then I got a girlfriend, car, house etc lol. I’ll give it a go out of interest.


I really miss the old style simplified world tiles. I think the new way is better, I just can’t quite stretch my head around it while managing my galactic empire. Which I suppose is kinda the point.

My favorite old school tactic was to jump to a system at the begining of the game that a neighbor had to use (cause of hyperlanes) and occupy it. Cut 'em off and starve 'em out!

That and you used to could expand your influence bubble to take a system from someone else.

They’re migrating it more towards the style of thier other 4X games. I get it, their target audience is big picture strategy game players, but that ain’t me. I like it when every ship and tile matters. It’s a lot of micromanaging so it doesn’t work for galactic empires, though. Plus they didn’t save you any effort by automating the processes they did, because then they just added a hundred more things you have to worry about. I like the game, but it’s too labor intensive to play regularly. You have to be on point for the whole mid game or you mine as well quit when you get to late game and have to deal with the crisiseseses

I thought I’d necro this old thread. Cause I just found this beginner’s tutorial.

To give an idea of how deliciously complicated the game is, the excellent tutorial FOR BEGINNERS is 7 videos long, plus two extras.

Own it. Never played it. As is the story with a lot of games in my Steam library. Definitely would be interested in trying it sometime though.

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It’s tough. A lot of management. The roleplay potential is good though.

I love the game precisely cause it’s not easy. If you’re gonna play, devote a chunk of free time. It constantly pulls you in. There’s always Just One More Thing…

So worth it though.

My first time playing it I sat at my computer pretty much the entire day without getting up. I was sore from sitting by the time it was 4 hours past when I normally go to bed.