Sterilisation of implant

Hi community,

I‘ve a question regarding above topic.
I have 2 flex Implants which I have not opened yet but have them since over a year.
No questions why not implemented yet :joy:

Can they be sterilized in a b autoclave at 134 degrees after open them and then get them implanted?

They should still be sterile as long as you haven’t opened clear packaging.

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Asking because @amal explained only guarantee forn6 month.
It will still be secure to implant them if not opened?

Theoretically years, practically 6 months because legal reasons I’m assuming

Yes mate, as long as the exterior packaging is in good condition, the interior should be safe for implanting for a very long time

If you have opened the exterior, it will depened on where it has been stored and how much handling they have been exposed to.

Also, you don’t want to put a flex through an autoclave
This would be your option


Till it’s useable till not opened I’m fine. Thanks guys! Appreciate the fast and detailed responses.

Now planning the next implant :slight_smile: :partying_face:

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No this will destroy the integrity of the polymer.

As long as the polymer gear sealed bag that contains the sterilization tyvek pouch has not been opened, and as long as the bag has not been handled roughly - i.e. bent, crumpled, handled quite a lot… if it’s just been sitting untouched then the sterilization is ok for 5 years. There should be a lot label on the pouch itself that has an EXP date on it.


Brilliant thank you.

So next implant will find the way into the body :wink: