Sterility of all items in the pouch

Question, what all in the regular install kit is sterile? I know the injector is but is everything else sterilized? Making a little video and want to make sure all my info is accurate.


Only the injector and things labeled sterile should be sterilized to my knowledge.

For example, the gloves are most assuredly not sterile, but the gauze is and is labeled as such.

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Does that create an issue for the pouch the injector is in? The paper backing is thin and the contaminants on the other stuff would surely make their way into the pouch with enough roughing up

well don’t rough it up. lol.

But it is also recommended not to take anything out of the outer bag the kit comes in until you are ready so you don’t damage anything. It says so right in the box.

I’m aware of that part, just more curious if it’ll have issues while still in the pack

The drape, injector, gauze, chlorhexidine wipes, and bandages are all sterilized. The gloves are not sterile, and should not need to be if the installation is done by a professional or someone who is medically trained, understands cross contamination, and how to properly handle materials.

We remove most of the air from the polymer bag before sealing. This creates a nice tight packing of the materials so they don’t move around and the air left in the bag doesn’t get pushed into and out of the injector pouch, which can carry stuff in with it… so as long as you don’t squeeze or play around with the sealed polymer bag, you’ll be fine.

Post it up when you’re done!