Story telling scenarios for learning the tech

Hi gang!

I’m working on a new primer idea for helping walk new people through the learning process… and one of the ways I think might work well is story telling. I figured there are 4 main tech scenarios but I could use some imagination help creating different “stories” for each scenario… this is what I have so far;


    • DEADBOLT: Alice wants to install new deadbolt locks in her house she can use her implant with
    • VEHICLE: Jerry wants to rig his vehicle to use an implant for access and driving
    • GYM FOB: Bob wants to use his implant to access his gym
    • CORP SEC: Justin wants to enroll his implant with the access control system at his work
    • STUDENT CARD: Jack wants to get into his dorm and buy food at the commissary with an implant

Any ideas welcome!

The premise here is that I will be expanding each story out to include how each person needs to proceed to achieve their goal, including testing existing fobs / tags, what they might need to do that… questions they may need to ask… research they can do. The more details included in the story concept (type of access control system, etc.) the better since I can include real actual research links to actual real manuals and things to try to help realism…

Basically if anyone wants to tell their own story about how they figured all this out, that helps too!


Garage doors have been very popular. And the skills can easily be tailored to many many diy projects.


I think there’s been a few gun safe conversions
Maybe I’m inflating it’s significance since I did 2 of them lol but I think it’s a semi common use case

Also computer login using a KBR or something similar

I’ll write this up more as a story I suppose
Maybe including my process


Business Networking - Javier just met some techy peers from another company. The conversation is wrapping up and Marcus hands Javier his business card. Javier smirks and taps his hand to Marcus’ phone.

Brunch - The bill has came and you tell your collegues you will put the bill on your tab and everyone can just venmo you their portion. You tap your hand to your friends phones and it brings them to your venmo acct to pay.


This is more specific to the Apex line of implants, but I think one of the most compelling stories is talking about someone who has their phone stolen, or their sim card spoofed, then gets locked out of their email and bank while the thief drains their accounts. Perhaps a little hyperbole, but these things have and do happen.

“After going though all of that Janice decided to never again allow the loss of her phone and phone number to ruin her life so she started looking into how she could protect her email and bank accounts with something other than SMS verification. After doing some research she discovered that software-based authentication like one time password generators were far superior to relying on SMS. But the more she read, the more a nagging thought kept coming around. 'That’s great, but what happens if my OTP generator is compromised or stolen? Won’t I be back in this same mess again”'. That’s when it hit her. ‘What I need is an two-factor device that can never be stolen. Too bad I can’t just have in in my hand …’".





Have you thought about giving some points and parameters to an AI?
Might be good, could be shit, or it might just need a little tweak :man_shrugging:

Agreed with the extras the others above mentioned and specifically the Apex, as this opens up even more stories

Crypto Cold Storage


Aox thinks LEDs under his skin sounds hecka-cool

Though I suppose those people are less likely to need to be swayed with a story


You lazy piece of code! Telling others to go use an inferior AI instead of doing your job…


Maybe I’m showing my age but a student ID feels too transitory for an implant. Or at least I didn’t enjoy putting up with mediocrity back in the day and want to forget that it ever happened.


Maybe come out with an rfid version of this?