Student ID on the flexNext?

Hi I was wondering if I can copy my student id to my nextFlext, I’m still new to chips :dizzy_face: anyway here is the scan :

I guess it wouldn’t work, as it says it’s a desfire ev2. These chips can do way more than the flexnext/*nt, like AES cryptography and are considered (more) secure.
Even if it only uses the UID, you won’t be able to change it.

You could be lucky, if you impress the right people with the implant and the system only uses the ID, you could enroll your implant.
I assume this card is some access control thing?

If it doesn’t work, you might want to get a flexDF2 and talk with the school to get the keys etc but that’s unlikely to work.

More details would be good, like do you know what reader you use this with?
Do you use this as some internal payment system? That would be a sign/proof that you really use the desfire ev2 special features.

TL;DR: Wait for others to answer, but I’d say this is unlikely to work.

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Yes it’s for internal payment, the system is called “izly”. Too bad i guess, I don’t use it that much anyway :man_shrugging: I will check the readers when I go back to uni

Yeah when it does payments I’m sure it uses desfire features.
AFAIK theres no way to get this to work without your schools help (on a *DF2 implant.)

I’m too lazy to look it up rn but there was a post about bus tickets with the *DF2. You basically need some secret keys to make it work and such companies usually don’t want to give that to people.

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Yes typically there are two types… one which uses desfire secured file AIDs to identify the person to the back end, or DESFire stored value AIDs to keep stored value on the card that you top up directly to the card. By it’s very nature these applications are designed to leverage the secure features of the desfire chip to ensure the identity cannot be cloned and/or the stored value cannot be manipulated.

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