Stupid NExT Question

So… As the name implies, I impulsively got a NExT since it could work with my HID system at work. My question is, why didn’t they decide to put a Magic instead of an NTAG216? I didn’t really know what I had until I went to a hotel that had NFC door cards and couldn’t clone my hand to let me in. I was just assuming if I could do that with the T5577 in the NExT, the NFC would be the same.

Live an learn, I already cut the xLED out of my hand, I don’t think I can cut another one out :slight_smile:

hey there… so the magic chips are hard to come by as they are “grey market” ( you will see many comments about this in forum about that )… and we cannot get ahold of any magic chips in their bare die form, only COB or chip-on-board format… which do not fit into glass because they are huge.

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Interesting, I did not know that :slight_smile: Thanks for answering :slight_smile: