Success at last 👍🏻

Since getting my implant installed I’ve been unable to pay at one particular shop which is annoying. Annoying firstly cos I can’t pay using the implant but also because each failed attempt is always followed by questions: yes I have an implant, yes it’s actually inside my hand, no it didn’t work.

Today however I got the payment to go thru!

So thanks for everyone who helped with that, it’s much appreciated.

I attach a pic showing where I presented my implant.

Can I please be added to eye secret walletmor owners group though as I thing that would have avoided me having to post asking for advice

Sir, I am sure I have no idea what you are talking about!!!

But, you are added :wink:


excellent thanks for that and for your help with the post above. i was so pleased to get it to work, that one scanner was really messing with my mojo

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