Successful read of xNT on iOS 11

Hi Amal,

I am probably not the first one trying this out today but I’d like to share that I successfully read my xNT using my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11! For this I used an app called NfcActions. For now it does not allow to trigger actions but that’s a first step.

Have you had the chance to experiment with use cases on iPhone?

There are some video posts on the Facebook RFID Implantees group about reading the xNT with an iPhone, but none have cases. I think I did hear of one person able to read their xNT with the iPhone 7 with a thin case on… probably metal cases though will cause an issue.

Just try - iPhone 7 - leather case - NfcActions / nfc ideas / nfc reader - not easy but it’s ok - the reader is on the top near flash light

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Unfortunately I’m trying to read my xNT with my iPhone 7 and iOS 11 with no success. Is it possible that there are some iPhones out where the NFC chip is disabled ( national restriction)? I tried all App named here.

What app are you using? iOS has no built-in support for reading anything… just open APIs for apps to read. I hear NXP finally has their TagInfo app on iOS now… I’d suggest using that app.

Also, here are the orientations that the xNT works well in for iPhone…

Terrible news. I try to read xNT with my iPhone 7 on iOS 11, but in vain. Besides, I meet other problem. Do u know there is a new image format called HEIC in iOS 11? All my photos have been saved as HEIC format automatically. To view it on my PC, I can only convert it to other format, like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and so on. Oh, what converting tool I applied is Joyoshare HEIC Converter. In fact, it is powerful enough. Considering there is no local support from Windows system, it seems that we can only view it after conversion. If u meet the same trouble, hope it can help u too. Most importantly, are there any other solutions to read xNT?

I made one of the aforementioned videos :))

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