SURVEY Multi-purpose xSeries implant!

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I’d also support an xNT and xBT. Or Spark 2 and xBT. I’d love to see something like that.

Given you usually put the BT in the armpit or somewhere else that is close to the core temp, reading it may be awkward…

Also (I may be way off) I think the xBT is not made by DT? It has a different glass specification to the other DT implants I have looked at and has the non migration coating. From the product page:

The xBT was designed for use in animals by Destron Fearing. The reason why the BioBond coating is necessary has to do with animal (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) physiology…

Just add it to Amals list…

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Not saying you are a wicked sorcerer and vizier, or that Amal is a short fat Sultan sitting on his throne…
pretty sure Amal said he is 6’4" (193cm)

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Yep. It might be hard to make given it’s not currently made by DT. (I might be wrong) I do think that that’s why the spark2 is the best to pair with. If I remember right, the spark2 can be used as backup for the Vivokey and Apex chips so having it in a weird spot might be great.

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You know what I would love would be a flexEM with a flexM1 …


I was wondering if @amal could use the flexEM form factor to make a dual frequency field detector implant. It seems like you fit an LED in where the chip is and also add something like a HF LED fingernail on top without changing the size of the implant in any considerable way.

The benefit being that it would work as an actual field detector, the xLEDs are more for finding the position that works for an x form factor implant on any given reader, but it’s no replacement for a diagnostic card.

I just don’t know if the demand would be high enough for such a gnarly install for just 2 blinkys.

I think
Form factor I think would be an issue, My guess is it would need to be quite large.

Nothings impossible though.
The LF antenna would need to be thick (multilayered) or long rectangle or large disc and then you have to squeeze in an HF antenna (and chips obviously)

Maybe something like this…

I would love a FlexEM in Rectangular form factor, but that is probably much more difficult to “wind” by hand.

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oh I know I think its not really feasible without a relatively big implant but I definitely think it would be cool.

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For those who do not know what that is it is the smaller revision 2 of the Peg Leg implant


yeah precisely why I’m playing around with designing my own peg leg :wink:



Intriguing… Are you going to share your “journey” in the projects section?


Haha, shouldn’t have said anything but yes eventually the “DevilLeg” will appear in the project section.

Its a very steep learning curve so its going to be a while yet and it definitely a labour of love.


I’m a tall fat sultan hahah

Correct. It’s made by Destron Fearing (what a fucking name… it actually influenced me choosing Dangerous Things)


Totally off topic, was reading the past posts while watching Aladdin (with the kids), the scene in the meme was on tv the exact moment i scrolled past it. Thought the disney app had injected video into the browser…

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Disney, just another Google / Amazon… creepily watching everything you do.

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We got ourselves a bonafide psychic here, folks

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Hi… long time lurker, first time poster.

Did this ever go anywhere? For the record, I’d buy one.



Hey @Pilgrimsmaster
Did I do right on the gif-fu?

I also had very similar thoughts when you said:

But part of me would rather completely isolate “private chips” from “hacker chips”.
As in… distinct body parts.

And another (winning) part of me can’t agree more with this statement:


If you’re willing to get a large round implant, there’s the flexMT which is the magic M1 + T5577

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