Switchbot Lock (non pro) with Keypad testing

Hi Everyone,
I decided after some searching to get the Switchbot Lock and Keypad to test out and see if it could work with implants

I went with this because from what I little i was able to find it seems like this might work out. Set up is pretty easy getting the lock and keypad paird via the switchbot app. The Keypad comes with one Card which is a Mifare Classic 1k 14443-3A. The card once it is paired to the keypad is easy to crack/emulate ( i used the F0 and successfully emulated the card). Happy to report that any Mifare classic card can be added to the keypad, i bought a generic 10 pack of blank mifare classics cards to test and had no issue adding them.

The lock itself comes with ntag216 tags which cant be used to unlock the door, i believe its used for other automations so pairing it with a NeXt chip seems out of the question which brings me to my next part:
The NeXt chip/ntag216 implants wont work, the biggest problem is that I cannot seem to even be able to get the reader to read my NeXt impant so I think the reader might be too small to pick up. @amal do you have any compatible mifare implants that didnt pass qc but still be read/writen? Id be more than happy to pay for shipping and a little extra to test on the keypad. if the implant can be read im more than happy to get another implant to see if it can still be read through the skin.

Hoping to keep you all posted!


We did some testing with the keypad. We couldn’t get an xM1 to read. A flexM1 (or that new thing that the club folks are getting early access to) should do the job.

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thats a bit of a bummer, how long ago was that? would still like to give it a shot to see if we can get a read.

Also one of these may help enough to make an xSeries work.

But get yourself a FlexM1 or ??? if you can


posted DT CLUB 4th of April, and mentions the use of a Hammy resonanant repeater aka MFGC



It took me a minute to remember what it stood for :ok_hand:


I love that abbrev.


Thanks! I picked up Hamspiced’s repeater off tindie. Honestly, if it works in picking up an Xm implant that would be great. @tac0s your post said that it wouldnt read without a repeater, does that mean you were able to tie the chip to the keypad and get the lock to work?


We got it to read but only twice. It wasn’t easily repeatable. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on it.

after a few more hours of testing, i could get the keypad to recognize my NeXt implant a few times but it wasnt consistant. Just have to wait on the repeater to see. If no dice, then thank god for amazon returns!


That’s way more patience than I’ve got for something that needs to just work. :joy:.


I’m just as stubborn as him and find myself investing too much time into things always assuming I’m just using something improperly


have you tried using your diagnostic card to check the duty cycle?

It’s slow.