Sydney Australia install

Hi guys,

Hoping someone out there knows someone that can help! I pick up my ultron kit from the post office tomorrow and the installer I had planned can’t do it because of the stupid world we live in atm (Covid).
Anyone know anyone in Sydney or surrounds that could do my installs that knows what they are doing?! I really want to get them done ASAP and properly. I’m good with pain just feel like I’d botch it up on myself.

Thanks in advance!
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Not sure how up to date it is, but the contact details are there for you to try.
Unless of course that is the one you had planned on.

And the actual link


Just so happens to be the one I had planned :joy::ok_hand:t2:

Bummer; have you spoken to them to see if they have anybody they can recommend?

Maybe they will not want to lose business and offer to do or for you…

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Yeah I tried that extra little push but due to the restrictions for businesses he can’t legally do it, I tried to even ask as a “hush hush” to no avail. Half tempted to set install but really don’t wanna mess it up and would only be able to do one of the chips…
guess I’m a lil stuck for now

I don’t think you’ll have any luck, while we’re still on lockdown, no studio is gonna risk their business to inject a dude they don’t know. If one of your mates could do it they might do it hush hush, but I doubt you’ll find a business to help out.

Self install can go very well as many here will attest, but as much as it sucks, waiting a few weeks till things ease up isn’t the end of the world.


Just make sure the angle is right. Don’t be like my NExT.

My self install of this was a bit off. Luckily, it appears to move out of the way with pressure. If not, guess we will find out what it takes to break! (Not really worried, just wish I would have gone a bit slower.)


Come fly to Australia and you can try it again :wink: but I’ll see what I can arrange! Going to try out my luck with a few gp’s… unlikely but the fact everywhere else is closed may help my chances.
“Sadly the body modification artists are closed but I’d really like this done by a professional So it is safer rather than attempting to do it on myself”
Or if they end up rude about it
“well I’ll be seeing you soon when I mess it up :wink:
Kidding… or not…


I would. I spent a month there when I was young, sand tobogganing on tamgalooma(sp?) Island.

That was my first install. The xSIID I put in is perfect. I think I want to pursue getting licensed just for body mod installs.

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After I got injured, I looked at my doctor and blatently said if you don’t drain this thing in my leg, I am going to.

He did it that day. I guess it depends on your relationship with them.

You can certainly try, but most GPs won’t touch it, their insurance doesn’t tend to like it and most of them don’t understand them