(****) SYLVAN Deadlock SL37E.B

This is not a “proper” review, merely an opportunity seized and partially documented

Apologies in advance with the crudenees of the “review”, I thought it better to write up something, rather than nothing at all.

I was walking though a hardware store isle and saw a RFID door lock I had never seen before.

This is by no means a thorough test, But long story short:

My FlexM1 opened the lock easily, Range was ~10mm

The 4* rating in the title was because it was easy to enroll, and easy to open, and the *rating because thems the rules

Pamphlet and quick video

It does mention exclusive to Bunnings, so, Australia and New Zealand, but I’m sure it will be online somewhere.
like here


If somebody gets one of these and wants to do a proper review, I will happily delete this one


This looks like a rebranded version of my now discontinued Yamiry door lock I bought on Amazon after reading a review here.

I’ve been looking on Ali express and it seems there are a ton of the same generic units just with different branding on them. They all use the TTlock app which is decent.

My xSIID works fine with it, although it has to be touching the actual lock face, and took me a minute to find the sweet spot. The actual quality of the lock isn’t quite as good as my Ultraloq u-bolt pro, but that didn’t have card access.

I’m thinking of trying this to replace my Ultraloq UL1 lever for another door.

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