T5577 How do I write to page 1?

I have a work key ring tag that I’m attempting to move to a wrist tag but it’s not copying over page 1 of the dumped data, even if I edit the json file it still won’t update.
I’ve tried:
lf t55xx write -b 10 -d 4AAC8CF6
But it returns:
Block must be between 0 & 7

Page 0 has blocks 0 to 7, but page 1 has block 0 (again) to 3. In the json file the block I need to change is listed as block 10.

How do I write to page 1?

I’m using a proxmark3 easy, yes it’s from a good site, yes it’s updated etc.

I am using the RDV4, so I’m not sure if the commands will be the exact same. When I use lf t55xx write -h it shows a “–pg1” flag for writing to page 1. I don’t currently have a tag that I want to test writing to, but I read a tag I have here. The command was lf t55xx read --pg1 -b 1. That worked to read block 1 from page 1. The format for write appears to be similar, I am guessing that lf t55xx write --pg1 -b1 -d 11223344 would write “11223344” to page 1 block 1. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Synoptic
That seems like a valid code but my tags don’t seem to like as nothing actually changes in the dumped blocks.

I decided to try playing with the tag I have with me (despite my better judgment earlier). I had the same issue, reading was fine but when trying to write, it didn’t have any effect. Then I started playing more generally, did a password check, and bricked the tag. Oops! :slight_smile:

I am assuming that “Block 10” referred to in your json file is actually block 2 on page 1 (the assumption being that if you keep counting after 7, 8 would be page 1 block 0, 9 would be page 1 block 1, etc…).

While digging to see how I screwed things up, it looks like (and forgive me if you already know this) blocks 1 and 2 on page 1 contain traceability data, and that tags generally do not allow these to be modified (but apparently some do?). From the T5577 data sheet:

“Blocks 1 and 2 of page 1 contain traceability data and are transmitted with the modulation parameters defined in the configuration register after the opcode “11” is issued by the reader (see Figure 5-10 on page 19 and Figure 5-11 on page 19). The traceability data blocks are programmed and locked by Atmel®.”

That’s about as far as my understanding goes. And I could be completely wrong. Good luck!

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