T5577 / PROX question

Ok, I work a few places, it looks like both companies both use prox 2, but the numbers (and softwares) are very different.

One format is Badge Number 11111 Facility Code 0
The other is 9031111 PIN 1111 Facilty Code 999999

Is there a way I can get my T5577 (NExT) to work with both readers?

Sorry but no, the T5577 chip (like basically all transponder chips) can only reply with a single UID (serial number), so even if they were formatted the same but with different card numbers it still would not work unfortunately.

I have access to the controllers and could make my uid the same for both systems, I am just unfamiliar with the PIN field and the length of one card’s 5 digit length vs the other’s 7 digit length.

I assume I will need both systems to have the same faculty ID, correct? Any idea about PINs? Is the length of badge number an issue?


yeah i don’t think the pin is part of the card data itself, probably an alternate or a 2 factor on the controller side… that would be my guess anyway.

this is entirely decided by the software and controller firmware… there is no hard reason this needs to be the case… at least not from a technical standpoint. The facility code and card number are just arbitrary boundaries put around the pure binary data contained on the card and reported by the reader to the controller… on the card it’s all just binary data.

To that note I noticed the time clock we use at my place of employment only uses the card number and ignores the facility code entirely (HID cards). Tested that theory by changing the facility code to something entirely random and it still worked the same. The doors on the other hand not so much, so I did end up switching it back but interesting nonetheless.

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I kinda talk about this a little on today’s video installment;

Thanks!! I’ll watch it in just a min!