T55X7 tag bricked - Is recovery possible?

I’m new to the Proxmark scene, and it seems I’ve managed to brick both T55X7 tags that came with my kit.

Detect doesn’t work, wipe doesn’t stick, and I’m unable to write to any blocks.

It seems that the culprit is block 0 not having the correct value, but now that it’s blanked, I’m unable to write to it anymore.

I attempted another listed fix which was lf t55xx write -b 0 -d 000880E8 -p 00000000, but no luck for me.

My config is: lf t55xx config --ASK, which is what the cards were detecting as until I bricked them.
[=] --- current t55xx config --------------------------
[=] Chip type......... T55x7
[=] Modulation........ ASK
[=] Bit rate.......... 2 - RF/32
[=] Inverted.......... No
[=] Offset............ 32
[=] Seq. terminator... Yes
[=] Block0............ 000880E8 (user set)
[=] Downlink mode..... default/fixed bit length
[=] Password set...... No

Is there any possible fix for recovering these cards, or am I just out of luck?

what firmware/device version are you on
there’s a few ways to unbrick a t5577 dw just yet.

I’m using the Proxmark3 Easy, as sold by DT. Using the Iceman firmware, though I did update it with the latest revision directly from the git repo.

I believe I’m running the RDV4, since I get a hw/fm mismatch error. I considered reflashing it with the generic, but that didn’t seem to stop me from doing read/writes.

def use the correct firmware compilation… change your platform file and recompile and reflash. The FPGA in the proxmark has no idea what it’s doing… it just does things… and the firmware is what tells it how to behave. doing RFID stuff is all about signals and timing… and if the firmware is thinking it’s dealing with an RDV4 but its not an RDV4 then crazy things might be happening under the hood… you won’t know for sure what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s only kinda working.

Do you have any tips for reflashing using the appropriate firmware version?

I attempted to follow the git guide, and it seems to still produce mismatch error.

You are missing the step where you edit the Makefile.platform file to indicate generic vs the default RDV4.