Tag identification

This is the tag with a 18650 for size reference
And backlight to see the antenna
Can’t find much so I’m wondering how to proceed in tag identification
Walrus gave me no results for the HID or mifare option

I’d try giving it a scan with NXP Tag Info. That should yield some better results, provided it’s a HF tag.

Failing that, a proxmark of some variety should give you all the info you’re looking for if the tag is either an HF or an LF tag.

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I have a pm3rdv4.
Stil learning to use it
Just hit the tag with lf search or Hf search?

Yep, one of those two should hopefully give some happiness.
If they don’t, then the tag is probably some proprietary thing (possibly an anti-theft tag from the looks of it?) operating at who knows what frequency

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Make sure before you put the tag on your proxmark antenna you run hw tune to calibrate. Then run lf search and hf search. I would wager it’s a HF tag because of the length/width of the antenna trace.