Taking a Bath a week after Xg3 Install - Good idea?


I really want to take a good warm bath.

The Installation in my Finger is about 8 Days ago.

Do you think its already okay to let it soak in Water for some Time?

It feels pretty much healed but i’m not that sure^ i could just try to keep the hand out of the water :slight_smile:

Whats your opinion?

My incisions tend to heal very slow, but I also love bathing… so I just wrap a plastic bag around my hand, and I’m fine :wink:
Since you’ve got something in your fingertip, I would just cut one finger off a latex glove and tape it in place, and you’re on the safe side. If you tend to heal fast and easy, you should be fine without protecting it, but I’m always a bit more careful…


Yeah keep it dry some more days… is the wound closed? Then probably nothing will happen, but I’d be extra safe like coma described.