Talking points and what do you guys use your tags for?

So, I’ve been asked to talk about my rfid tags on my local radiostation and want your guys opinions of the most important talking points to bring up. Things like how and why tracking somebody isn’t possible and how your data is actually more secure when it is hidden somewhere nobody can see (cant scan a tag If nobody knows you have one)…That kind of thing. Id also like to hear what cool projects you guys have done with your tags. Any help would be much appreciated. Want to make sure I make the most of this opportunity to get good valuable information out there to dispell any misconceptions and concerns.

Sincerely, Nate


Nice opportunity you got there!

You can talk about how RFID actually works, for example the fact that it is passively powered and does not use batteries. That’s already a reason why tracking is impossible.

Currently I use my Apex mainly for storing files with my project:

But I also use it for OTP and as a cold wallet for my Ethereum.

I would probably not talk about Walletmor and payment stuff, because that might get you into some hot water regarding the current status of things with EMV.


Explaing how it is effectively the same as a
“pet tracking” chip.

  • inert - needs to be powered by an external source (reader)

  • if you were to use a reader to track somebody, you would have to be within a couple of millimeters of the reader, therefore, you probably have a very good idea of when the person with the implant you are reading is located.

  • You don’t know where your lost dog is, until a vet or shelter scans their implant, and looks the information up on a database and calls you.

  • Explain to them that using a credit card, uses the same tech, and you cant find a lost wallet or be tracked by your credit card, unless of course you use your credit card in a shop, the Visa/Mastercard know where you were at that date and time

  • Explain to them that it is the same tech as a building access swipe card, so you could actually be “tracked” in the building, as everytime you swipe a reader withing the building, “they” know, what door your card was used on and what time…
    so in theory, they will “know” what room / area your card is in. However, once you leave the building, there is no way to know where your card is
    Actaully, dont tell “them” that one, “they” will probably choose to hear what “they” want, and wil start talking about a public CIA data base

people are Ignorant of technogy they don’t understand.

Hollywood doesn’t help using artistic licence, but people are too stoopid or ignorant to seperate movies from reality


my Xmagic will be used for access control, Hotels if it is compatible, and eventually my gunsafe.

Xsiid i get the most use out of, i write/rewrite to it frequently with a list of different URLS. One has my business card file from Dangerousthings. One is my online business card from Blinq, one is a rickroll, and one is a link to my venmo for bill splitting

my XG3 is used to entertain me.


I don’t have any implants installed yet, but I’ve been following the scene for a little while. I think a crucial thing to note is that the tech you’re putting in your body isn’t scary or mysterious. It’s understandable, and already in use externally by many people.

Yes, the rfid field is deep, wide, and potentially overwhelming. Books can (and have :wink:) been written on their uses. But you can get to understand what rfid tech you’re already using (work badges, hotel keys, payment cards, etc) and roughly what they’re capable of. You can look at the possibility of cloning tags, getting something that you can scan and use with your phone, or using it to secure your house, computer, or safe. I’m no expert, but I know enough and have enough toys for it to be a fun hobby, If you then decide to take it to the next step and get an implant, you’re choosing where it goes, what you’re using it for, and what you’re writing on it.

As for what I hope to do someday, work badge and URL on a NExT. (You can also use the NFC side of it to trigger shortcuts on a phone.) Someday, I may get an Apex and enjoy the 2FA features, new file storage implementation, or use it to unlock my imaginary Tesla. If/when a contactless payment-capable solution comes to the US I’ll be considering that, too.

Don’t forget blinkies. I might not get one, but lots of people seem to enjoy having them. The fact that modern phones come with NFC readers mean that you can light up a xSIID anywhere.

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