Telsa Model 3 RFID Cards


I really mean the keyfob combined with a model S.

The Model 3 wouldn’t need this as I guess you’d just carry your phone with you. Although unlocking with implant is cool, if there’s an easier way that’s preferable.

The Tesla backup card is intended as a backup or to give to people temporarily if you want to borrow them your car. However, the “intended experience” is to actually use the paired phone “passively” and walk up to the car.


I scanned my Model 3’s keycard with NXP TagInfo, and as indicated by CyBro, it reads as a JavaCard contactless smartcard. Some of the details:

# IC manufacturer:
NXP Semiconductors

# IC type:
Unknown IC

# Card OS type:
Athena SCS OS

# Application information:
Global Platform card manager present

-- NDEF ------------------------------

# No NDEF data storage populated:

-- EXTRA ------------------------------

# Global Platform information:
Java Card version 2.2
Global Platform version 2.1.1


Hey @amal , can you say whether the Vivokey will also be NXP based and whether we have a chance it would be interoperable with the model 3 if it were added as an accepted key? I’d be curious to know whether this could work.


I can’t say much about this entire thread now… however, if someone wants to explore the idea of converting a key card to an implant, please let me know… i’m interested in doing that for model 3 owners.


Anyone listening to this thread… any thoughts about this -

My personal thought is this - oh great, let’s put even more keys to our entire lives on hackable phones using hackable online services… but my next thought is, are there provisions for RFID/NFC keys and how can we get VivoKey involved?


Is there any good cloners out there in 2018. Have this old one that looks like a gun kind of.


PM sent, I’m 1000% in for conversion.


I ‘think’ I was the OP on this thread regarding the Model 3 key card but couldn’t find my original credentials.

FINALLY got my Model 3 a couple weeks ago and tracked this thread down again. Happy to help any way I can.

Would love to have implants that would work for my car and office!


Actually, I think I posted elsewhere. Maybe FB. Sorry @john.


PM me please :slight_smile:


Either I’m ignorant or don’t have a high enough level to PM =(. Can’t find it.


:slight_smile: just click my name or profile icon, then “message”


I plan to have work/office in left hand (already in place) and home/car in right hand (still waiting for my Model 3). Hoping for much success, I’m right behind you!!!


Interested to see where this goes.
Any further development on this thread?


For me just waiting on M3 delivery. ETA late September.


We have some interesting… movement… that can’t really discussed yet… but it’s interesting… :wink:

But i can say that key conversion details will be posted when we get a chance to review card design.


Looking forward to hear! Keep up the great work


Sent you a PM, Model 3 has arrived!


Any updates here’?


Well we have had scheduling issues and other problems… but we do have some model 3 implants done and tested now… I think we’ll put them up for sale on DT.