Telsa Model 3 RFID Cards


Nice. Let me know when they are up!


Here ya go!


If you can divulge, how exactly do these work underneath? I’m a bit curious.


Chances are they dissolve a Tesla key card and case it in their biosafe material




Oh haha, I thought there was more going on here. I’m an idiot


Well… we do have some progress with putting the Tesla key card applet on to something like the VivoKey Flex One… but we need much more collaboration with Tesla to make it officially available, including refactoring the code to be much smaller… efficiency was not necessary for the original applet author because they only ever planned for it to be the only applet on chip… but we need it to be much smaller so Flex One users can do more with their implant than a single key applet :confused:


Hell yes.


Sooo, when is the ETA for the VivoKey Flex One!? I am just a little excited. <— sarcasm, just in case you missed it.


There’s no ETA at the moment, but we are exploring options to support a public beta in the next few months.