TEMIC RFID card cloning to xEM implant?

Is it possible to clone a TEMIC card to the xEM implant.

I don’t know much about TEMIC cards, but they apparently work at 125khz and are popular with hotels as guest door keys.

I have found a cheap RFID euro cylinder lock I can retrofit to my door and the TEMIC version is very cheap indeed.

Link to lock: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Electronic-Cylinder-Door-Lock-Cylinder-Europe-Smart-Card-Mortise-Lock-Cylinder-Core-Intelligent-Lock-Cylinder-RF/32647611396.html

Hmm… from what I am seeing, the TEMIC card is actually a T5577 re-programmable card… so it’s based on the same chip that the xEM is. I’d say it’s compatible… just not sure what would be required to clone a TEMIC card to an xEM… but if the antenna on the programmer at the hotel was compatible, I’m sure it could be written to… just be careful though, most programmers/cloners set a password too.