Tesla owner gets US$400 car key chip implant in his hand over phone Bluetooth


Mmmm yes Bluetooth… :thinking:


Also, when will Amal start selling full body replacements for those of us who want to be robots?


At first I thought this headline was saying the procedure was done over Bluetooth, which would actually make for pretty interesting tech.

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It’s my app! Yay!


@fraggersparks Dude you’ve received a ton of indirect media attention over the last week.

Other than getting several threats of people wanting to cut off my hand to steal my car, and comments that I’m ushering in the apocalypse, I’ve been having a great time using the app. Lots of people praying for my soul for some reason… But for real, the app is fantastic, your work is brilliant, and the Apex rocks. Thank you for all you’ve done! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Once you get the Hyundai card cracked that might have to be my next car.


I just saw this clip (it’s probably already on the forum, but I havent seen that specific one), anyway, I thought you came across very well


Thanks bud, in that 1 week I think I had every local news station show up at my door one after another. Everyone kept asking the same questions so I was trying to think of different ways of saying the same thing.

I thought my local channel 7 news did a good piece.


I like the article concept, I feel the journalist was kinda lacking though.