Tesla reader locations

So I’ve had my Apex in for a bit now and registered it with my Tesla model Y with no issues! The inside reader is very easy to find. BUT I feel like a crazy person trying to find the right location on the outside. Does anyone have a model Y have a location I should put a sticker on? I feel like my neighbors are thinking I’m trying to break into my own car as I wipe my hand and try the handles for 15minutes before giving up and going inside just to try again the next day.

I have installed the applet, I did register it to the car, and when I scan inside the car it does switch to the Apex key. I just can’t get the right spot on the piller, or maybe antenna orientation? I assume it would be the exact same as the Tesla key implant.


I don’t own a Tesla but I can suggest trying to locate the antenna with a keychain field detector.


This is an obvious solution, just ordered all the field testers. Not sure why I didn’t think of it!

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Wait, the Apex pre-orders didn’t include one? But that’s probably not a major hassle as I assume that most of people who ordered one have several keychains already.

It’s here, right?

You may need to hold the implant a cm off the surface to get a good read. Too close and there’s parasitics interrupting a good read. Depending on your install location, I would find another part of your hand to rest on the car that let’s you prop the implant 5-10mm off the surface, and then slowly slide down from above the reader point to past it. Very slowly though because it’s probably pinging on an interval.

I’m pretty sure, only xSeries implants come with the xFDs
Although in this situation an HF xFD could be beneficial

You should have just orderd an xSeries…Like a NExT Implant, you would have got the xFDs for FREEEEEEEEE

The Apex Flex should come with a DT DC though

If this was me, to help build the picture, I would be using the DT DC to determine the duty cycle and get an idea of the power output.


I already have so many implants I didn’t need more. And the beta apex didn’t include anything but the implant and needle, might be different when in production.

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Just thought I’d chime in and add some (possibly) useful info.

I noticed when testing that that Tesla door readers will light up a FD card brightly for a second or two and then reduce power, same with iPhone. Presumably this is to save power but isn’t helpful with a chip/card/etc which takes some time to run it’s applet all while having no external means of knowing this is occurring.

I suspect this also happens when you present an implant so you might have more luck taking your hand/arm/meatbag away for a second and then going again rather than moving your implant around in the vicinity of the reader for more than a second or so.

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It would be great to try to get some objective testing done on this.

Anyone able to send me a Tesla?


I thought we were getting one with the Flex pre-orders? Been waiting on mine to get delivered


No, but I would be extremely happy to help with testing if you can give me specific testing protocols or objectives. :slight_smile:

I have several different types of field detectors, both Android and iOS devices, a proxmark etc annnnd an Apex Mega which may be installed (one day).

Sign me up!


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