Tesla rfid key card chip implant

I just watched a YT video where he implanted a chip to open his Tesla. He said he purchased the chip he implanted here. Anyone know which chip to purchase to use to open a Tesla model 3 or Tesla model Y? Thanks.


There’s a flex model specifically for Tesla’s

I don’t know which car models it works with specifically, but it’s the place to start looking for sure

Edit: whoopsie, upon actually reading the description, I see that was a conversion service, and the next official one would be the Apex line from Vivokey
However, it may still be possible to get one of your key fobs converted

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The upcoming VivoKey Apex will also have an applet that can function as a Tesla key. It isn’t released yet but is coming very soon™️
(that’s my best @Pilgrimsmaster impression)


I think you nailed it :+1:

Thanks so much for the quick replies. Appreciate it. This topic/board is outside my sphere of knowledge, so I apologize ahead of time. I have spare key cards, melted down to reveal the rfid chip. Is it possible to just wind up the long wires that were originally around the perimeter of the card, then use the chip that way? Why is there a need to rework what already works? I was going to start with a resin ring with the embedded chip from the melt down or maybe a bracelet to see if that works then move from there.

Ohh yeah no worries. It’s not intuitive. The dimensions of the coil matter a lot for tuning with the RFID chip. If you deform the coil it dramatically affects the results and the card probably won’t read. It also needs to be shaped like a coil, so flat and either square or round with no wires crossing over each other in order to magnetically couple with the reader. It’s not an “antenna” like a WiFi antenna which broadcasts and recieves small electrical signals. It’s more like two sides of a transformer, which are bound up in each other’s magnetic fields.

If you want to buy some magnet wire and try to make a replacement coil that is smaller, you could do. You’re going to need a measurement device though. You need to know the inductance of the coil, so you’ll need to buy an LCR meter. That’s what we do with the implant, there’s a specially design coil that matches the electrical properties of the one you have there, but in a smaller form factor.

So this USED to be a service by Dangerous Things as linked by @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha above.

But it is currently no longer on offer, HOWEVER the generic conversion still is available, but you will need to contact Amal First.

If you got the conversion done, it would just be a one-trick pony
although a very cool pony.

Personally, and I’m sure Amal will say the same, you would be better off waiting for the VivoKey Apex Flex which is due out Very® Very© Soon™

The VivoKey Apex Flex is capable of far more than just a Tesla NOK, as that is simply one of many applets that can be loaded onto it.

There will also be some more form factors:
VivoKey Apex Max which will be the Biocompatible Glass capsule although for the Tesla, I’m not sure how well it will work, or if at all…

VivoKey Apex Mega which will be a FlexDisc style, but I’m not sure when this one will be released, but the range should be improved, even over the Flex

soon my pretty…


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Definitely anxiously awaiting apex for this functionality. Just picked up a model 3 last week. After getting it and seeing how it links to your phone I didn’t think I’d need the not a key card app after all. However, I’ve found the car does not always wake up instantly when I approach it with my phone and wants a key card to the door. This would be a perfect replacement for that so I don’t have to pull it out of my wallet.

I’m one of those waiting patiently for the Apex, so excited to use it for my Tesla.
In the meantime, this is what I’ve done.
1: Melt a card in acetone, like you did

2: Extract chip and antenna

  1. Now the tricky part. Carefully curl and fold the antenna, while repeatedly testing it on the car pillar to see what shapes and orientation still works. This takes a lot of trial and error before you’ll find something that works.

  2. I then put that into my watch band with some simple electrical tape. If you need to have any curve to the antenna, like what is needed in a watch band that curves around your wrist, you’ll want to take that into account when doing the folding and testing)

  3. Works well enough for now. I can’t wait for the Apex to come out!


Oh man that’s jank :joy: glad you got it working though



I see it working and still don’t believe it LOL Congrats.

I tried that as well and was never able to get it to work consistently. May try spreading it out across the watch band like you show above. Thanks.

You inspired me. I was able to get it to work in very few tries based on your pictures and my previous efforts. Here are the pics. Thanks again for showing this. NOW to get it to wrap around a ring core so I can wear it as a ring. Hmmmm.
Looks like I’m limited to one photo per reply so showing the middle step. I’ll try and post the other photos in separate replies.

Photo 1

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Photo 3.

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Proving the old adage “if it’s ugly and it works, it aint ugly” :slight_smile:


I think I’ll co-op that adage. I like it. Thanks.

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