The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

btw we missed message 10000 didn’t we?

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Nvm I get it

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Someone share this on discord please!

YASS. I’ve been waiting on a DT Meme Thread for a while!

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Same, I can’t wait to see the results of this!

I can submit a bunch of “bad memes” lol.

I still like my one that was submitted to

The best post of 2022 so far :trophy:


i should specify new meme…

“bad memes” lol.

Yes, I want all of em!


It’s not DT related, but it’s my favorite of this template


Man, the US passport system sucks so much.

I have an appointment today to finally send in my application, which I have to do in-person at a post office. I had to do a form online in advance, print it, photocopy my driver’s license (both sides, 2 seperate sheets), I have to photocopy my birth certificate, give them my actual birth certificate, and pay $165 for standard delivery and processing (via fucking check for $130 of it). I had one when I was younger, which I still have, but since I was younger than 16 when I got it, and it’s very expired, it’s useless for the application process (still had to give them all the info on that passport though…).

Previously went to CVS (pharmacy store chain which does photos) to have my photo taken, which was another $17 ($15 if done at the post office), and had to staple that to my application. If it doesn’t exactly fit their specifications, the whole thing comes back and I have to start over with 2-3 months delay (current wait time is 8-11 weeks once they receive the application). CVS used some fancy Kodak software to verify that it fits all of the requirements, so hopefully no issues there.

It all just feels unnecessary. I understand the security concerns, but nothing is modernized besides the online form generator/filler.

Hoping I can scrape together enough money over the summer to go on a Europe trip this winter, found some really cheap flights if I book far in advance ($600-700 from Chicago to Berlin round trip). Should be able to get it down even more if I plan out different destinations in advance. If I take advantage of hostels, hoping I can do it for <$4000. I’ve got a job interview next week for a computer lab assistant at a local library, if I can manage to get that and keep it for the summer, that’ll cover the vast majority of the costs.


Good luck with that.

I need to go back home and visit my mum while I still can, but the whole redundancy thing demolished so many plans.

I also have to drop in on a friend in Amsterdam.

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@yeka, I actually loved all of your entries “examples”

I think your actual REAL plan was:

  • Convince Amal to sponsor a meme competition
  • Make your own awesome memes
  • Win competition
  • Get implant for the price of shipping







Oh no someone got my plan x’D

For the record: I would not count my entries as valid submissions :slight_smile:


I usually go to CVS too for passport photos. When I was a kid, I went after baseball practice to get photo taken. I wore my digital camo baseball uniform.

Few weeks later we got a notice in mail: Sorry, your photo can’t be used cause you are wearing a uniform of our armed forces. My mom was :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Luckily I took another one and got my passport before our trip.

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Yeah, my greatest worry is getting a rejection notice.

I just wore a plain black T-shirt, so hopefully I’ll be fine.

This process is a pain in the ass, hopefully I don’t have to try again and I can spend the next 10 years not worrying about it.

Just had my passport renewed in Luxembourg. 50€ and it took 2 weeks to get it :sunglasses: . I was also scared about the photo, they’re very strict with their specifications too. But they accepted it.

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Brag about it :sob: :wink: jk

The deed is thankfully done, my appointment was 30 minutes ago. I’ll know within 3 months if I did everything right…

The postal clerk looked through it and didn’t see any issues, hopefully that means I’m fine.


In my country it takes two days or so… Third world problems advantages.