The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’ve gotten pretty good at Mifare Classic. (My first implant was an xM1 after all.)

If you want, I could help you out sometime tomorrow.

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Hmm sorry I hadn’t seen the newer one somehow, the older one I think didn’t click right

The new video makes enough sense…. I just need to figure out why my proxmark doesn’t wanna scan

I can scan LF all day perfectly, but hf tags… even ISO’s usually return nothing found

so you’re trying to scan a mifare card and getting nothing? what if you put the card down and the pm3 on top of it so the bottom PCB where the HF antenna is basically makes contact?

failing that, try actually adding some additional distance … 1cm then 2cm then 3cm.

People posting 3D printer pics, so here is my weird flex. I designed automation software for the university of Utah. We have over 50 printers on my farm now. I’ll regularly need 10 of something and this is the fastest way to get that done! We average around 7,000 prints a year.


And in the meantime I have a hard time making my single 3D printer (Creality CR-10S Pro V2) print a single object :disappointed_relieved:

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Can someone with a purewrist (or maybe wallet mkre assuming same chip)

See if their iPhone can scan it using tag info?

I used to be able to scan mine, but now I can’t… wonder if iPhone removed the ability

My flipper also doesn’t scan anymore but I’m nearly positive that flipper removed EMV scans since it was pointless

I don’t have purewrist but my iPhone can’t scan any payment cards that I have.

I get this error on most of my cards. Some won’t react at all.

I know my iPhone used to scan it, it would register as a desfire…. But now it won’t

I haven’t been able to use it in a while so I figured I’d check in with it… so I’m not sure if iPhone removed the ability to scan it, or if it got borked

Did you try reading another payment card?

Which firmware are you running?
you could always roll back to and older firmware that could, or better, manually add the functionality…

That’s a solid point, I’ll try that… only takes a few minutes

edit Hrmm, I thought the flipper app let me select firmware version… it appears it does not…
Might have to use a computer later

these the ones you got for 99 dollars each yeah?

I love my ender 3v2, and would always recommend someone get one or ones like it if you are a tinkerer. You learn so much, but then you just want stuff to print. I’d say ill get a prusa next at some point, though their XL looks really cool, but money… :grimacing:


TFW your RAID controller drops two disks for no reason and you only have enough parity for one.



That sucks, and also a good reminder for me, Thanks.

One of my HDs has had bad sector warnings for…quite some time.
I really should replace it

Your welcome.

Was able to get one disk to come back up with some unRAID chicanery. The other is still questionable. Doing a data rebuild now, fingers crossed that I didn’t eff some parity bits while messing with it.

I have backups anyways, but still would be a PITA.

PSA: Backups, backups, backups. Make sure you have backups everybody. Off-site if possible.


Sorry to hear that, hope you get to feeling better soon. :floppy_disk:


Get it done ASAP, we don’t want to lose you to a bad drive. Besides, It’s a simple procedure and I’m sure the surgery will be successful. :heart: :floppy_disk:


I have a Pavlok. It works flawlessly. I wake up early and the alarm doesn’t wake my wife.

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And that spindle? That thing looks like butter


This thing looks interesting:

I wonder about the range and frequency of the built in reader?

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