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Your welcome.

Was able to get one disk to come back up with some unRAID chicanery. The other is still questionable. Doing a data rebuild now, fingers crossed that I didn’t eff some parity bits while messing with it.

I have backups anyways, but still would be a PITA.

PSA: Backups, backups, backups. Make sure you have backups everybody. Off-site if possible.


Sorry to hear that, hope you get to feeling better soon. :floppy_disk:


Get it done ASAP, we don’t want to lose you to a bad drive. Besides, It’s a simple procedure and I’m sure the surgery will be successful. :heart: :floppy_disk:


I have a Pavlok. It works flawlessly. I wake up early and the alarm doesn’t wake my wife.

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And that spindle? That thing looks like butter


This thing looks interesting:

I wonder about the range and frequency of the built in reader?

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Ive had my eye on this. Im not sure if ill get the keypad, its tempting to go with a custom reader, but would love to know if it works well with glass implants

So here’s a random thought, to see what you guys think of i

Have an XBT, will be hanging around at a con this weekend with a piercer… so the opportunity will be there to be installed… and it’s a bit of a more unique install, so some there might find interesting

I’m leaning toward taking off the migration cap, but I haven’t read much from people either way on it

If I take the cap off, the xBT injector won’t work now right?

I have a chinessium injector that came with some off brand glass tags I was farting around with…

I believe it’s the right diameter needle…

Needle is currently not at all sterile, figured I could pop the xBT, and take it to my local installer and have him autoclave it and the tag without the cap

Does that negate the chinessium factor? Or are China injectors still sketchy enough to not mess with?

@Coma you’re super knowledgeable here /@amal because your literally messing with the xBT kits stuff at the moment

Hmmmm… thing is, if the injector is similar to the ones DT uses, it can’t be autoclaved at all because of the plastic bits…
Does your piercer even need the injector? Mine was pleasantly surprised about it, he usually installs chips with his own needle, so that might be an option as well.

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Ooooo, I was unaware plastic could be autoclaved

It’s essentially a dt injector, but the actual needle point screws of with what appears to be a luer lock

If I can’t sterilize it, that’s a deal breaker I think

It won’t be my regular installer, and it will be an arm/armpit install so in figured a injector would be easier

I can always leave the migration cap on it I guess, and use the injector it comes in

It just concerns me that it would be significantly harder to remove, and I can’t even make a regular x series move if I want, before the Anti migration

Your piercer is excellent!
Don’t take that as a norm, tho!! :sweat_smile:

I mean… Installling with “hand-poke” needle requires a lot more practice/finesse. And the installler device also makes the process a lot more “intuitive” for a piercer who hasn’t done that enough.

[edit: it sent my post before I finished]

That said, I would take the willingness of the piercer as a sign that I got a good (or terrible) professional in front of me? :sweat_smile:

on the other hand, even though you could not autoclave it, @Eriequiet , there are other ways of sterilizing it.

Leaving for 48 to 72 hours on an appropriate enzimatic soap + distilled water solution, on a tray that’s receiving ultrasound treatment (i.e. vibrating) should also do the trick…

…depending on the materials involved, of course.

Just a reminder, chinessium glass tags are crap for a reason

I had a bunch for farting around with, maybe shoving into 3D prints etc

Out of 20, 3 of them are already broken from very light handling

The ferrite rod itself broke in half, taking functionality with it

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They were saying it can’t be autoclaved

Sorry, my phone is stupid and keeps autocorrecting things incorrectly

I literally typed couldn’t* and it reverted it :expressionless:

I wandered down a rabbit hole that night, sounds like a lot of plastic CAN be autoclaved, but it weakens stuff ( things with preferred hundreds of cycles)

But I guess some will just melt obviously…

At this juncture doesn’t matter anymore, I’ll just implant with the migration cap… not a fan but I guess it will be what it will be

@amal sorry to ping you again but I see your active,
Sent you a pm… just don’t wanna talk/show anything I shouldn’t

in the sense that it is no longer sterile… that is correct.

there are so many reasons not to re-sterilize an injector… however, i think in this case where it has not been used (the point is still fresh) and the professional has an autoclave that has a “plastics” mode (many higher end ones do) then it should be ok to use… however, any good piercer can just use a piercing needle to make the incision and pocket, remove, then slide the chip in;

This needle procedure is what I would call perfect. There is plenty of needle lube, and the bevel is down. Super smooth.


So do you think a professional piercer would be able to, over the sterile field and after implant site prep,
Eject from the injector, remove migration cap, slide back into needle and install in a sterile manner?

Or should I not?

Do I actually WANT the migration cap?, I feel safe about glass and flex goop, but the migration cap I feel less confident about toxicity wise

A professional piercer could probably carefully eject, remove the cap, and place back into the injector… but it’s risky for the pro. They’d have to be careful of the point of the needle. Also the longer it’s out the more chance for cross contamination… but technically possible.

Depending on where you’re getting it, you might want the cap. Other areas of the body might have quite a thick fat layer and that’s not all that good at encapsulation and keeping things where they belong.

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Thought I’d mention it for anyone looking for one. I just saw someone on r/homelabsales selling a used Proxmark3 RDV4 plus some other goodies including a RC522 and PN532. $280 shipped. I’d buy it myself, but don’t really have the cash ATM. 🥲


As I’m sorting stuff for my third flight to Norway this year, I suddenly got taken aback by a thought:
Why have I never reached out here for meetups? :thinking:

I mean… we even joked about that in other threads…

Anyway, I’ll be around the Oslo - Moss area for the end of October.
If anyone [edit for clarity] in Norway [end edit] fancy an “unoficial International DT meetup”, hit me on DMs?

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